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Everpresent Media Studio is an AR/MR & VR

 interactive company that focuses on Marketing, Functionality, Entertainment, and Data Analytics. By utilizing our augmented reality, virtual reality, and studio post-production divisions, we precisely focus on each of our client's specific needs. No matter how large or seemingly small they may be. We can package these unique features with Traditional and Alternative OOH marketing mediums to provide that elusive Wow Factor. This enables our clients the ability to maximize the number of valued impressions per marketing dollar. We also focus on Entertainment. Our goal is to implement a

fascinating AR/VR experience that allows

for a unique engagement with

guests & customers. 

About Us

Augmented/Mixed Reality & VR Studio Group 

Mobile Development
Marketing & Entertainment
Data Analytics

What's the Difference Between

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality & Virtual Reality?

With VR, you can swim with dolphins. And with augmented reality, you can watch a dolphin jump out of your living room floor. Mixed Reality can place a couch seamlessly in your living room to the point that you're not sure if it's real or not. While VR is more immersive, AR/MR provides more freedom for the user, and more possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be a head-mounted display. All one needs is a cell phone or another mobile device. And very soon, one can utilize AR/MR glasses more frequently. They will eventually become more stylish and affordable for all.  In a nutshell, AR/MR allows you to stay in your current environment while enhancing it with a variety of visual effects/features. 


  • Augmented Reality enhances your world with digital objects of any sort.​

  • Mixed Reality seamlessly integrates digital objects into your world making it look as if they are really there.

  • Virtual Reality replaces your world with a virtual one.

cc: TechCrunch
AR/MR vs VR: The Battle is Real
(VR is for content & AR/MR is for the real world)

We can provide all production requirements for AR/VR (Augmented reality/Virtual Reality).  Their computer vision, AR, and game developers are some of the world's most experienced AR/VR experts. The animation teams have been Pixar vetted and their video production teams have filmed TV production, commercials, and 360 videos around the world. 


With AR/VR, we are able to provide the magical experience of being in the real world and transitioning to an immersive virtual reality world. Imagine you’re in your office and a wall falls away opening a door to a land of monsters and dragons. Or at an experimental marketing event, the beverage product is enhanced with AR and when the user touches the bottle they are transformed into a VR world of happiness. 
































We have over 20 years of web large-scale database development and 9 years of iPhone/Android development experience. As a team, we have built hundreds of applications, websites, web platforms, video games, and systems that have allowed our clients to succeed. Since 2013, the division has taken customized Augmented Reality to the leading edge of entertainment, marketing and gaming. 

Example AAA Game Titles

• Walking Dead (Xbox360, PlayStation 3, PC)

• Star Wars Kinect ( Xbox 360 )

• Doom (PC, XBOX ONE, PS4) id Software

• Borderlands (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) 2K Games

• Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway PC, Xbox360, PS3) Ubisoft

• Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood (PC, Xbox, PS2) Ubisoft

• Brothers In Arms: D-Day (PSP) Ubisoft​

• Demonik (Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC)

• Borderlands' (Xbox360, PlayStation 3, PC),

• Colonial Marine "Aliens"(Xbox360, playstation3, PC)​

We worked with Dobeck Performance to assist in engineering a DYNO for motorcycles with real world physics and over 30 points of data collection allowing for a real time, fully immersed experience on a Motorcycle without having to hit the road. This product was featured at Daytona 200 in 2017

Gambling Apps

Out-of-Home Marketing division

We also offer a wide range of OOH mediums that strategically target specific demographics. We believe in full disclosure and detailed Proof of Performance. 90% of our marketing mediums are produced in house. Others are provided by the top vendors in the world (i.e. Scratch-off tickets). This allows us to consistently maintain the highest quality at a reasonable cost. With over 20 years experience, we guarantee your satisfaction. We also utilize AR to enhance your current OOH campaigns. No additional production needed.

Outdoor digital displays
Mobile Apps
Drink Coaster
Mall Advertising
Projection Imaging
Laser show

Mediums target specific demographics with a variety of household incomes. Example mediums: 

Projection Billboards, Indoor Billboards, C-Stores, Daytime digital displays, International Taxi Wraps, Drink Coaster/Distribution, Doctor Office Network,

Reverse Graffiti, Concrete wall/pavement displays, Laundromat displays, 930+ Mall/Shopping Centers, Outdoor Billboards,

Grocery store displays, Scratch-off tickets, Building Wraps, Laser Effects, Etc.

Floor Decals
Mall Displays
Table Clings

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